– great elementary interactives!

Posted on May 8, 2008 by kjarrett 4 Comments

Good morning all,

Of all the ways great websites come to my attention, none is more validating than hearing about one from a colleague at my own school. So it goes with, a terrific collection of elementary (K-5) interactives unearthed by Mrs. Fran Cusick, one of our fourth grade teachers here at Northfield Community School!

I encountered Fran’s students deep into a Friendly Letter Exercise in my lab recently (they were using it during the open time we have available each day). Intrigued, I explored the site further, and was impressed! This one is a winner, particularly for 1:1 independent use, as well as with an interactive whiteboard. Here’s an example math activity involving fractions:

This site is super simple to use, with high quality, original Flash-based programs in a wide variety of subject categories. Excellent find, Fran! Thanks!

Hope this helps!