Virtual Pumpkin Carving (Interactives)

Posted on Oct 26, 2008 by kjarrett 4 Comments

Hi everyone,

My reflection on Techforum Northeast is still in the DRAFT folder, but in the meantime, I wanted to share a few virtual pumpkin carving sites in case your students are looking for something fun to do for a “choice time” activity.  I should also say that with just a little bit of extra effort, these could easily be made into K-8 language arts or math lessons, as well.

The best virtual carving site I’ve seen yet comes to us by way of my friend Lisa Thumann, Senior Specialist in Educational Technology at Rutgers University’s Center for Mathematics, Science and Computer Education. It’s a nifty piece of Flash programming written by a web developer at Click the image below to try it out, or, click here!

I’ve emailed the author and asked permission to use the .SWF file here on my blog. It currently resides on several places around the web but I found it on the website for Boy Scout Cub Pack 81 in Hillsdale, NJ. (I’m willing to bet the developer is a Scout!) Isn’t it awesome? I like this interactive best of all the ones I’ve seen so far. It’s very intuitive and suitable for use by even the youngest students, yet it’s powerful enough to engage older kids. I’ve seen very intricate designs done by 4th graders with this tool, including kids carving their names, the school’s name, drawing simple pictures, etc. It’s great fun, and, your hands don’t get messy!

Here are some other virtual pumpkin carving sites:

Those ought to keep the little ones busy for a bit!

Hope this helps,