NGA Kids’ The Art Zone: online, interactive art! (Way beyond online coloring books!)

Posted on Nov 24, 2008 by kjarrett 3 Comments

Good morning all,

As penance for my last post (which, I admit, wasn’t among my most inspiring) I am pleased to offer a site today that I heard about from the inimitable Gail Lovely, a colleague and fellow twitterer.

The Art Zone is the National Gallery of Art’s kids outreach efforts, and WOW, what a resource! This collection of Shockwave and Flash-powered applets will challenge, amuse, entertain and engage young artists (and the curious!) for hours. From a do-it-yourself Still Life creator to Brushter (MS Paint? Pshaw!) to JUNGLE (who needs KidPix?) to my favorites, Collage Machine and Collage Machine II, these tools belong in every teacher’s bookmarks collection for their ease of use, ability to inspire, and opportunities for learning!

Here’s a complete list of the various tools – check ’em out!

Collage Machine | Moble | PixelFace | 3-D Twirler | Cubits | Diamonds | Dutch House | Still Life RiverRun | Paintbox | Wallovers | SwatchBox | Flow | Jungle | BRUSHster

Or, visit The Art Zone for screenshots, explanations and more!

Hope this helps!