Woodlands Maths Zone (Science & Literacy Too)

Posted on Jan 30, 2009 by kjarrett 1 Comment

Hi everyone,

Came across this site a LONG time ago via my supervisor Dr. Carol Ferguson (thanks Carol!). The Woodlands Junior School in Kent, UK is a school website like no other. Although the color scheme had me struggling to read text at times, the amount of content is staggering, particularly the Interactives area (shown below: the Maths area):


The site’s vast collection of Java and Flash based games are good for review and independent work, but could also be used as whole-class activity or team-based competition with an interactive whiteboard. Some of the content appears to be their own work, but a lot is pulled from other sources on the web, so you may see resources you’ve already discovered from perennial favorites like shodor.org. The fastest way to grasp what’s available here is to peruse the site map. Once you get started, grab a cup of coffee – you’ll be there for a while!

Hope this helps,