Pete’s PowerPoint Station – All Aboard!

Posted on Apr 29, 2009 by kjarrett 2 Comments

Good morning everyone,

I love to save time. Who doesn’t? Thanks to Diigo user Jim Farmer, Instructional Technology Coach for Ware County (Georgia) School System, I have a site to share that will, I am certain, save us both time! It’s a resource site called Pete’s PowerPoint Station.


I’m usually not a fan of sites with pages and pages of links, but Pete’s PowerPoint Station is something of an exception. For one, it’s well organized visually:


You can quickly scan this list and find something of interest. Before long, you’re browsing a selection of, for example, ready-to-use Language Arts PowerPoints, then drilling down further, you find some on Alphabet & Ordering, and in a matter of seconds you’re looking at PowerPoints you can use right away or modify to your purpose. While it is true you can use Google’s Advanced Search feature to look specifically for .PPT file directories likeĀ PowerPoint Station do add value.

But wait … there’s more! The Greta’s Games section has some interesting educational diversons to distract your kids from counting down to the last day of school, and Hannah’s Homework Help section offers support during their favorite out-of-school activity. But seriously, Pete’s PowerPoint Station is worthy of a few mouse clicks – I bet you’ll find something that will save you time with an upcoming lesson. I did!