Kindersay: free online English lessons for preschool children

Posted on May 7, 2009 by kjarrett Comments Off on Kindersay: free online English lessons for preschool children

Good morning all,

I have just spent the better part of an hour digging through and tagging resources from Mrs. Tenkely’s Computer Class, and I must say, nothing sparks deep introspection like immersing one’s self in the work of an accomplished peer at the top of their game. Bravo, Mrs. Tenkley! What an inspiration! is one of the many sites that caught my eye today. It’s FREE, there are NO ADVERTISEMENTS, the content is EXTREMELY high quality, it’s EASY to navigate and it’s READY to use in the classroom!


The concept is simple enough – learning words with images and sounds – but the technical execution is what sets this site apart. Not too long ago, you had to PAY for content like this on commercial cd-rom’s. Not anymore, thanks to career educators Ben and Beatrice Stone, who developed this site to share with the world.

The intuitive navigation makes this site ideal for use with an interactive white board or even as a self-directed activity. It’s just so easy!


When the student finds the object they want, a bright, colorful image appears with the word and a video window of someone (Mrs. Stone, perhaps?) providing pronunciation:


The site even allows you to upload your  own pictures via the My Family tab, allowing students to see people they recognize. How cool is that?

Thanks, Kelly, for this and so many other great websites!

Hope this helps,