To creativity, and beyond! Make your own Superhero at the Hero Factory!

Posted on May 19, 2009 by kjarrett 5 Comments

Good morning all,

Sorry about not posting yesterday, got a little behind…not much better today – I’m blogging during my lunch hour! Aren’t things supposed to be slowing down right about now?

Well, whatever … I recently came across this fun site (which I know I’ve seen before!) via Twitter thanks to MaryAnn Sansonetti, a Technology Education Specialist in Columbia, South Carolina. The Hero Factory is a wonderfully simple Flash-powered website that allows you to create your very own superhero with an essentially limitless features, clothing and special abilities (which, unfortunately for schools, include weapons that might pose a bit of a problem):


The end result is a super-cool, automatically-titled comic book that can be downloaded or printed:


I’m thinking this would be a fun writing prompt for an end-of-year language arts project. In case kids need MORE inspiration, they can check out the real-life Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company – an actual store in Brooklyn (that is fully explained by this wonderful TED video: Dave Eggers’ wish: Once Upon a School).

Ok, back to my PB&J! Hope this helps!