Crayola® Digi-Color: Fun, free digital coloring!

Posted on Nov 30, 2009 by kjarrett 6 Comments

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Olaf

Welcome back, those of you who are returning from the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US. Hope you all had a great one! And, good morning to everyone!

Yesterday, as I was planning my lessons, I was dreaming up an activity involving the free and fantastic Artpad Digital Canvas, which I blogged about way back in November 2006. Unfortunately, the site was down. Fearing it was gone for good, I asked my PLN for alternatives, and Diane Foose came through (thank you again) with Crayola® Digi-Color, a fun, free, incredibly realistic coloring program!


Let’s face it – nothing compares to coloring with REAL crayons on REAL paper, but I needed something digital. Crayola® Digi-Color delivers! Frequent readers of this blog know I am a huge fan of simple, well-designed interfaces. It’s not a preference, it’s a necessity; I teach in a K-4 computer lab, so the tools I use in my classroom need to be easy for the youngest learners. I am thrilled with Crayola® Digi-Color. Once you select a type of drawing/stamping tool, and then a color, and you are on your way!

Unfortunately, I am no better coloring with a digital tool than I am with a REAL crayon, as evidenced below:


Using this resource, I discovered there is no “undo” feature (just like a real crayon!) and you can even draw outside the boundaries of the page (just like a real crayon!). The wide variety of drawing implements (and colors) is fantastic, the only thing that would possibly improve this site would be sound effects for each. You can create multiple pages (which is to say, you can start over, because you can’t get to a prior colored page) and you can print, resulting in a wonderful, full-page rendering of (in my case, [sic]) artistic talent. Combined with a free PDF writer (we use CutePDF at my school), you can easily create digital artifacts suitable for any refrigerator (here’s my example).

I really, really like Crayola® Digi-Color. It’s very realistic, the user interface is super simple, it has a wide selection of tools and color types, and its printouts are free from any Crayola® branding. Thank you again, Diane!

Hope this helps!