KBears.com – amazing multimedia reference tool!

Posted on Jan 17, 2006 by kjarrett 1 Comment

Good morning all!People often ask me where I find all these great sites. Most of the time I come across them “doing what I do” online every day, reading listservs, hyperlinking through websites, etc. etc. etc., because I’m basically always “working.” :) Sometimes, though, great websites find ME, as is the case here … I heard about this great site via a comment here on NCS-Tech … I checked it out … and all I can say is, WOW!

I’m forwarding this link to my teacher colleagues in grades 1-4 … it ranks right up there with Starfall.com as a comprehensive, visually stunning, information rich resource for elementary learners. The site has been online for seven years and recently underwent a major redesign. Students will mine this resource for HOURS at a time! I “field tested” it with my 10 year old daughter Holly and she loved it. That’s all *I* need to know!