Kerpoof “Spell a Picture” activity – terrific for early learners

Posted on Mar 29, 2010 by kjarrett 10 Comments

Hi everyone,

Over the weekend I was bouncing around the web looking for lesson ideas when I came across this blog post over on the Tech Savvy Educator. Little did I know that just weeks ago, Kerpoof (now owned by Disney) added a fantastic new activity with tons of potential for early learners. It’s called Spell a Picture:

Basically, you choose a background and then start spelling words until what you are spelling magically appears. The best way to see how this tool works is to go play with it! You can enter text from the keyboard or click on the letters provided. Ben Rimes (the Tech Savvy Educator) has a great, brief demo video available here. But if you really want to peg your “adorable” meter, watch this video by reny888 of his son Malachy (clearly a bright and inquisitive child!) as he explores the tool with a little guidance from Dad:

Printed output is available and looks great:

Note however that some words yield unexpected results – enter ‘chicken’ and you will see what I mean! This tool could be used in a variety of ways including, obviously, visual spelling lists but also for story starters or just plain fun. Check out Spell a Picture today!

Hope this helps,