Fuzzwich: fast, free, fun animated mini-movie maker

Posted on Jun 17, 2010 by kjarrett Comments Off on Fuzzwich: fast, free, fun animated mini-movie maker

Good morning all,

I recently heard about the site I am featuring today via Twitter user David Kapuler. It’s called Fuzzwich and it’s a free website that makes it easy to create short (20 second) animated movie clips that can be customized with uploaded faces, customized text, music, movement and more. Here’s a shot of a movie during playback.

The interface is very simple, just three steps. First, choose a setting:

Next, add your characters (you can replace their heads with your own photos – fun!)

Then, add motion and text for each.

The results can be viewed on the web via unique URL, and embed codes are provided for posting to a blog or other online service. Like many “open” systems, Fuzzwich does not moderate content in any way, so it’s possible that users might enter (or encounter) inappropriate text. There is a “Flag as inappropriate” button on each video, which is great, but there is no way to know how quickly those flags are acted upon. So keep that in mind as you and your students browse the site.

That said, there are many classroom applications here, from learning about dialogue to recreating famous scenes from literature, movies or history, to just relaxing and having fun as the last days of school meander by. Check out Fuzzwich and explore for yourself!

Hope this helps,