LinksLearning – Elementary Math

Posted on May 18, 2006 by kjarrett Comments Off on LinksLearning – Elementary Math

Good morning everyone!

LinksLearning, an amazing K-4 resource run by Shirley McCune in Olympia Washington, started out 1998 “as a multi-state project to develop electronic resources,” which is a good way to describe how many great websites got started. While this site has math and reading activities, the math activities are truly outstanding. Science and Study Skills modules are coming as well.

Anyway, the math activities are right here. As you will see, the lessons include estimation of length, place value, line symmetry, patterns, weight & capacity and tangrams. The lessons have cool audio voiceovers and slick, easy-to-understand graphic animations presented in a slide-show format. There’s even music! The quality of these applications is first-rate. They would make excellent activities for the Numonics board!

Hope this helps,