Do you use backchanneling in the classroom?

Posted on Feb 4, 2011 by kjarrett 4 Comments

Image credit: Southern Regional ETTCImage credit: Southern Regional ETTC

Hi everyone,

Do you use Backchanneling in your classroom … or know someone who does? Please keep reading because I need your help!

My colleague Mary Ann Devine and I will be leading multiple (three!) hands-on workshops at the Southern Regional ETTC’s 2011 My Classroom to Yours conference next month. Our session, titled “Get your students talking about what you want them to talk about: How to use backchanneling in your classroom!” (inspired by this blog post) is going to be a hands-on exploration of the tools and techniques needed to make backchanneling a success in an upper elementary through high school setting. So, here’s what we need to know:

  1. Are you using backchanneling in your classroom now … or do you know someone who does? What grade students? What subject? How’s it going? Are the students on board with it? What are your “lessons learned?”
  2. What tools do you use? Staples like are now competing with slick services like
  3. If you were going to participate in a workshop like this, and there was a “live” demonstration of backchanneling (particularly during a video), what video or movie would be good to use? We want to keep the demonstration light and fun. Also, how long of a demonstration would suffice? 5 minutes? More?

Thanks for any input!