UpToTen.com: Games and More for K-4

Posted on Oct 12, 2006 by kjarrett Comments Off on UpToTen.com: Games and More for K-4

Good morning everyone,

Laurie Furumoto, a recent poster to the “EDTECH” listserv I enjoy so much, mentioned UpToTen.com in a recent message. The URL is familiar to me but I can’t find it mentioned here so I thought I’d post about it. UpToTen.com is a great free resource for parents and teachers of students from, as the site explains, “zero to ten”. There are a wide variety of engaging games and activities categorized here: stories, animations, songs, choices & decisions, even “print and paint” activities that generate blackline masters for in-room and off-computer edutainment. It remains free thanks to adverstising support but you can purchase a premium subscription that is ad-free and provides more activities. It’s not cheap but it’s not that expesnsive. It would be ideal in a classroom setting with an interactive whiteboard.

Hope this helps,