Free, Visual Software Tutorials!

Posted on Jan 9, 2007 by kjarrett Comments Off on Free, Visual Software Tutorials!

Good morning all,

The good folks over at Visibooks have launched a new site offering free (as in ad-supported) tutorials for Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel & Publisher) and Open Office (Base, Calc, Impress & Writer) as well as Dreamweaver 8 and HTML/CSS. Here’s the URL:

The tutorials are excellent, presented in a very straightforward manner, and are broken down into manageable step-by-step chunks. It is best to go through them in sequence, as some of them pick up where the prior tutorial left off, but that’s easy enough to do. The advertising is unobtrusive, tasteful and relevant, so, you needn’t worry that an errant click will send someone to an inappropriate site. They are so well integrated into the site, you might even miss the ads on the page! The images are black & white which helps the pages load extremely quickly. Best of all, the site is free!

There has to be a way teachers can use this resource in the classroom! :)

Hope this helps,