free math test activities

Posted on Sep 12, 2007 by kjarrett Comments Off on free math test activities

Found this gem thanks to a tip from Lucy Gray’s wonderful Friday 5 mailing list. If you don’t subscribe, you should! :), managed by Andrew Lyczak, claims to be “the most complete math test resource on the web today with over 1.4 million graded exams to date and over 100,000 participating students.” Take a look for yourself! The About page has all the particulars … created in 2004 … registration is optional but allows teachers to keep track of scores and even create their own tests/collections. SWEET. Drill-and-Kill isn’t the best use of technology but this site shines with its depth, breadth and clean user interface. It won’t take the place of instruction but it will surely help kids hone skills with material you’ve presented in class!

Hope this helps!