Architecht Studio 3D: free web-based home design application!

Posted on Oct 19, 2007 by kjarrett Comments Off on Architecht Studio 3D: free web-based home design application!

Good morning everyone! Late start today! Hope you’re off to a good one so far!

Earlier this month at the NJAET conference, I attended a great session on K-8 technology curriculum that spontaneously had terrific resources offered up by people in the audience. Architect Studio 3D was one of the better sites shared. This terrific site, which is completely free, is essentially a guided development application written in Flash that steps the user through a series of needs assessment, design, aesthetic, layout, location and other questions in the creation of a completely unique living space.

I love the focus on needs, form and function, and the user interface is slick too. Kids will have a great time creating (and sharing!) their finished, spectacular 3D homes and I could see this used easily in a math (home building budget?) or language arts class (write a story about a character and describe their home?). Don’t listen to me, check out the ‘teachers and librarians‘ section!

There are some limitations, this isn’t a full-blown CAD program, but that’s precisely the point! It’s super easy to use (though there is a lot of reading) and there’s nothing to download. Definitely check it out to explore your kids’ creative architectural side! They’ll be channeling Frank Lloyd Wright in no time!

Have a great weekend,